Seed venture capital and operational expertise for entrepreneurs building the Bottom Up Economy in the U.S. and Canada

What’s the Bottom Up Economy? Enabling small businesses and individual consumers and developers to more easily and cost effectively access technology, information and customers so that they can create, transact, communicate and grow.

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We evaluate every major decision about Homebrew by asking a single question: Does this create value for the entrepreneurs we work with?

Our approach

Great companies are built by mission-driven teams

That’s what we look for when making an investment. We prefer to be significant investors in a small number of seed rounds each year, demonstrating our commitment to your team upfront and ongoing. These early days are also about more than just establishing product-market fit and building momentum for your next funding round. They’re when you start making decisions about what you want to be – your business, your culture, your values – and begin putting those into practice.

That’s why an investment from Homebrew is about more than just our capital. We bring to bear our operational expertise, a focused group of hands-on entrepreneur advisors and a large, supportive community. We commit the time to help you move faster and scale bigger – whether it’s identifying and recruiting top talent, getting on a whiteboard to collaboratively solve what’s bugging you, or connecting you with a subject matter expert for the 30-minute conversation that saves two weeks of swirl. We also offer office space in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco for your small team to work alongside us and other Homebrew companies.

Our focus is on startups supporting the Bottom Up Economy – helping businesses, developers and individuals drive economic growth and innovation through simpler, cheaper and more direct access to technology, information and customers.

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The Homebrew Team

Hi. We’re Satya Patel and Hunter Walk. We met in 2003 at Google. Since then, our personal and professional relationship has led us to invest, advise and seek fun together.


Homebrew Entrepreneur Advisors are formally affiliated with the fund and work closely with our partner companies, providing guidance and expertise in the areas where they each have a “superpower”.


Homebrew Portfolio

Bond StreetNew York, NY

Easy, fast, transparent small business lending

2014 SEED 2015 A

BuildingConnectedSan Francisco, CA

Bid management for commercial construction

2014 SEED 2015 A

CandorBelmont, CA

Software for better relationships and results at work

2016 Seed

Kim Scott, Russ Laraway

ChimeSan Francisco, CA

Smarter banking for the mobile generation

2013 SEED 2014 A

Chris Britt, Ryan King

ClementineSan Francisco, CA

(Acquired by Dropbox) Secure, private voice and text communications for business

2013 SEED

HonorSan Francisco, CA

Home care built for parents and us

2014 Seed/A 2016 B

IntellimizeBurlingame, CA

Predictive website personalization without the hassle

2016 Seed

Stay tuned!

JoymodeLos Angeles

Great experiences brought to your door

2015 Seed

LayerSan Francisco, CA

Native communications capability for any product

2013 SEED 2014 A 2015 B

Ron Palmeri

LumiLos Angeles, CA

Packaging supply chain optimization

2015 Seed

Managed by QNew York, NY

Smart office cleaning and management

2014 SEED 2015 A 2016 B

OutlierOakland, CA

Business analysis automation to avoid the unexpected

2016 Seed

PillowSan Francisco, CA

Online property management for short term rentals

2014 SEED

PrimaryNew York, NY

High quality, affordable kids clothing essentials

2014 SEED 2016 A

Shield AISan Diego, CA

Artificially intelligent systems that save lives

2016 Seed 2017 A

ShypSan Francisco, CA

The easiest way to ship anything

2013 SEED 2014 A 2015 B

theSkimmNew York, NY

Helping you be smarter, everyday

2013 SEED 2015 A 2016 B

UpCounselSan Francisco, CA

Expert, cost-effective legal services for business

2013 SEED 2015 A

WeaveLehi, UT

Intelligent phone service for service-based companies

2014 SEED 2015 A

WinnieSan Francisco, CA

Transforming parenting through data

2015 Seed

Sara Mauskopf, Anne Halsall



Property & casualty insurance for millennials


Machine learning for patient risk prediction


A bot for everyone


Atomized, personalized employee training software


Faster, cheaper carbon fiber manufacturing


Simple, transparent software for commercial HVAC management


Rethinking retail using computer vision


Elegant, functional family kitchen appliance

Supporting Investments

Homebrew makes small, supporting investments in companies founded by teams well-known to us but operating in sectors, stages or financial structures that are not a fit with our focus on seed stage companies building within the Bottom Up Economy.

Select Prior Investments

The companies below represent investments made by the Homebrew team, either in a professional or angel investing capacity, prior to the formation of Homebrew.


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We evaluate every major decision about Homebrew by asking a single question: Does this create value for the entrepreneurs we work with?


Homebrew was created to be the type of venture capital firm that we would have wanted to work with in our entrepreneurial endeavors.

Accordingly, we don’t subscribe to “business as usual” or “this is how things have always been done.” Homebrew is our startup (we just happen to be writing checks as opposed to code!) so we own every approach and action we take.

That’s it. If we answer “yes” frequently enough, we’re certain we’ll also meet our other goals – generating substantial returns for our investors, creating economic opportunity for individuals, supporting amazing new ideas and technologies and establishing Homebrew as the partner of choice for entrepreneurs. We’d be honored to work with you in helping turn your vision into reality.

So where does “Homebrew” come from? We have a profound appreciation for the people and innovation that have come before us. We recognize everyday that we’re standing on the shoulders of giants. Our name is a nod of respect to the Homebrew Computer Club of the 1970s that helped spawn Apple, Computer Associates and many other companies. We also wanted a name that brings to mind handcrafted, artisan, small batch and community-made and enjoyed, because that’s the approach we’re taking to investing and working with our partner companies. It’s coincidence (but appropriate since we’re nerds) that Homebrew is the name of a Mac OS X package installer that many of our friends love. And finally, our name gives Hunter a chance to use terrible puns such as “this round’s on us” and yes, Satya an excuse to schedule frequent happy hours.